Our School Programmes

School Programmes

Our relationship with the schools in our common bond continues to grow year on year. School savings programmes, sponsored talks with the DSPCA, colouring competitions, writing competitions, sponsoring and attending important sporting and team events.


Our Board and volunteers continue to work with the schools and junior savers in our community and also encourage their participation in the National Credit Union programmes, which include

The Credit Union Schools Quiz

The Schools Quiz, a highlight of the Credit Union calendar and an event which holds a special place in our history. In 2021, we are doing something a little different with this unique event. Say hello to the first ever "Virtual" Schools Quiz in Credit Union history. Have you tested your general knowledge lately? Here is your chance to see how quickly you can respond and what categories you know well. This is an individual online quiz that can be payed at any time! You can also test your knowledge as many times as you like! This online quiz is open to all ages, from parents to kids, grannies to grandads. You an learn more about this unique "Virtual" Schools Quiz here. You can test your knowledge and play the very first Virtual Schools Quiz here

Art Competition

The Credit Union Art Competition is one of the most successful annual promotions undertaken by the Credit Union Movement. The competition is about encouraging and rewarding self expression, creativity and imagination among young artists throughout Ireland. Competition entrants are free to express their creativity using a wide variety of media. The competition requires entrants to draw or paint posters on a specific theme each year and can use a wide range of colouring / painting tools. There are two categories, general and special. General splits into five age groups, while the special category encourages participants with a physical or intellectual disability to submit entries in free expression without the restriction of the competition’s official theme, if they so wish. Registration for the art competition usually takes place in October of each year. At Heritage Credit Union we encourage all schools in our common bond to take part in this wonderful competition.

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