The Make Walkinstown Great Project

You don’t have to come to the cleanups to help Make Walkinstown Great, there are so many other things, mostly small, but which make a big difference.

The name of the group is quite deliberate. It’s not just a clean-up group, nor a Tidy Towns group. It is a politically neutral, holistic and common-sense approach to improving the overall quality of living in Walkinstown. Quite simply, make it a cleaner, safer, and more beautiful place to live.

Central to the group’s “ideology” is that all parties in the community be involved – residents, schools, businesses, councils, clubs, and Garda – for it to succeed. The work should not be left to a handful of volunteers. So, for example, businesses should keep the area around their premises clean, schools should educate their pupils to have pride in their community and actively participate in its improvement, councils improve the green area and bolster programme of planting trees and flowers. Through liaison with Garda through the Policing Forum, hotspots and specific issues can be addressed. Everyone working together to Make Walkinstown Great. It really is that simple. Why not get involved. We’d love to have you!