Our Community

Our Commitment

At Heritage Credit Union, Community Is Everything

At Heritage Credit Union, we believe that our strength lies in our community. For us, community isn’t just a group of people; it’s the heart of everything we do. From the moment we opened our doors 60 years ago, serving our members and supporting our local areas has been at the core of our mission.

Welcome to Our Community at Heritage Credit Union

At Heritage Credit Union, we believe that the strength of our community is the foundation of our success. Our commitment goes beyond offering financial products; it's about building a sustainable and supportive network that enriches everyone involved.

Community Matters

Community is at the heart of everything we do. Unlike traditional banks, where profits go to shareholders, we invest our profits back into the community that supports us. This means that when you choose Heritage Credit Union, you're not just a member—you're an active participant in a cycle of mutual growth and support.

The Power of Your Membership

Joining Heritage Credit Union is more than opening an account; it's about becoming part of a community-focused institution. Our members enjoy the dual benefits of personal financial services and the knowledge that their involvement aids community development. Each account opened and every service used contributes to the collective well-being of all members.

Community Loans

We are proud to offer Community Loans designed specifically to support the initiatives that enhance our common bond area. These loans are available to community groups and non-profit organisations that contribute positively to our community's social fabric.

How to Apply for a Community Loan

  • Eligibility: Any community group or organisation within the Heritage Credit Union common bond area can apply.
  • Application Process: Visit our branch or our website to access the application form. Provide details about your project, how it benefits the community, and the amount of funding needed.
  • Assessment: Our team assesses each application based on its potential community impact and alignment with our values of support and development.
  • Funding: Once approved, funds are disbursed with terms tailored to meet the group's needs, ensuring the project's success and sustainability.

Why Your Participation Matters

By joining Heritage Credit Union, you play a direct role in:

Empowering Local Initiatives: Your membership helps fund projects that empower and uplift local groups and businesses.

Reinvesting in Local Economy: Profits returned to the community help fuel economic growth and increase the quality of life in our Common Bond.

Creating a Supportive Network: Together, we create a network of resources that supports everyone from individual members to large community projects.

Join Us and Make a Difference

Ready to make a real impact? Join Heritage Credit Union today and be a part of something bigger. Together, we can continue to build a community that supports its members and thrives on shared success.

Visit Join Heritage Credit Union to learn more about how you can contribute to and benefit from our community initiatives.

Not a Member?

Whether it’s our full digital services such as our current account, online banking and mobile banking app, putting control of your finances at your fingertips, or our friendly staff available to talk to you about your financial needs, we have you covered.

Add our competitive loan interest rates, options to apply and collect online or in person, and our commitment to supporting local community groups and events and you can see why there’s only one place to go for your financial needs.

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